Our cleaning services cover many types of driveways from block paving, concrete, natural stone, crazy paving and pattern imprinted concrete.

All our block paving quotes include re-sanding the entire area.

We can also seal your driveway or apply the latest polymeric jointing sand to help reduce future maintenance.

Your driveway is often the first part of your home that people see and pressure washing can help to maintain it’s kerb appeal. In fact, a newly restored driveway could add thousands to the value of your home.

Prices for driveway pressure washing start at £40. We offer a simple pricing structure for all driveways as detailed below. We are happy to quote for a specific job and all we need are measurements of the area and a picture.

Alternatively, we would be happy to arrange a visit to your home or business to take a look ourselves before providing you with a custom itemised quote.

The prices below are based on a driveway laid on a sound surface within 25 miles of Southampton.

Block Paved Driveways: Clean & re-sand.

Cleaning a block paved drive always includes a penetrating pressure wash to remove dirt and algae and restore the natural colour of the blocks. For block paving, fresh kiln-dried sand will be need to be applied to the joints after the pressure wash due to the top layer of sand being removed during the washing phase. This layer often forms the bed for weeds, moss and dirt to cling to so carefully removing it and replacing it after the clean has been carried out completes the look of your new drive and helps it stay weed free for longer.

Up to 60m2 £2.75 per m2
More than 60m2 £2.25 per m2

Polymer Sand Upgrade

If your drive is on a slope it may be a good idea to upgrade to a polymer setting sand which won’t wash away with heavy rain. This fine sand sets within 12 hours and also helps to prevent the growth of weeds between the blocks.

Polymer Sand Upgrade Call for details


Resiblock Drive Sealant Upgrade

For the ultimate protection, we can seal your cleaned and sanded driveway with Resiblock Drive Sealant. This matt finish penetrating coating gives protection from any surface staining, helps prevent the growth of weeds and reduces the future maintenance of the driveway. The polymer sand upgrade isn’t required with this choice as the sealant will set the standard kiln dried sand.

Resiblock Seal Upgrade Call for details

The bigger the area, the cheaper the price per sqm becomes, so if you want your driveway and patio cleaned at the same time we combine the areas to reduce the price. This is also true if you have a shared driveway with a neighbour and they would like theirs cleaned at the same time.


Cleaning concrete, natural stone and flag stones

Up to 60m2 £2.25 per m2
More than 60m2 £1.75 per m2


Due to the variable nature of the work involved, we’d be happy to arrange a meeting to discuss your  requirements and produce a quote for you. Just call 07799821843 or email

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