Brickwork and More

Almost anything can be pressure washed to improve it’s appearance. In addition to the above services, we also regularly clean the following.

Brickwork and Walls

Brickwork often takes the brunt of the British weather and, when drying, calcium and mineral residue from within the bricks begin to be drawn out. This coupled with years of dirt, algae and lichen can really leave its mark. An annual treatment and pressure wash can transform the appearance of your house or garden wall.


Painting railings is a long and tedious job, however, as long as the paintwork is in good condition, pressure washing can remove the layers of grime and restore your railings to nearly new condition.

Stonework and Masonry

The lighter colour of stonework and masonry is often quicker to show any dirt or algae deposits, so if you have anything from pillars and birdbaths to statues and garden ornaments that require a new lease of life, please get in touch.

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