An annual pressure wash and re-oil of your decking will undoubtedly prolong it’s life and keep the wood looking bright and rot free for longer.

It’s important to take a proactive approach with decking and treat the wood before it starts to deteriorate as once any rot sets in it can be difficult to stop.

At Jet Force, we offer a complete Spring Decking Service to ensure your decking area remains a beautiful feature of your garden.

Pressure Wash
Pressure washing decking is a little different to a patio or driveway; wood is much softer so needs a more cautions approach as too much power would damage the wood fibres. A softer wash will be combined with one or more cleaning solutions to clear grime, algae, pot stains and discoloration.

Stain Stripping
A word about decking stain. Jet Force would recommend the use of a good quality decking oil rather than a stain. Decking oil enhances the woods natural colour, grain and smell and gives an altogether more attractive finish. It replaces any essential oils that the wood may have lost over the year which is vitally important to retain resistance to moisture and rot.

Decking stain can be used on older decks as a last resort or to cover any weathering marks or discolouration that oil wouldn’t. Once decking has been stained, it’s often very difficult to return the wood back to it’s natural colour again meaning once you decide to stain, you’ll more than likely have to continue with staining for the life of the decking.
If your decking has been stained, even the best can start to peal after a year or two. part of our Spring Decking Service can include washing, treating and sanding to remove as much old staining as possible.


The final stage is to either treat your newly restored decking with either decking oil or decking stain. As mentioned above, wherever possible we’ll use oil but we will be happy to discuss all treatment options and colours available over the phone or at your home. If you’d rather, you can buy the treatment yourself and we can apply it for you.

In order to treat the decking it needs to be completely dry, so we often return back to your home a day or so (weather permitting) after the clean to complete the decking service.

This is a popular service and we often get booked up quickly during March, April and May so please call early to book.

New Decks
Remember that when a new deck is laid it is usually left un-treated. This allows the new boards to weather naturally. Wood needs time to adapt to the environment, fresh wood often moves and swells with humidity. New deck boards should be left for around 6 months before applying oil. We find that the problem is that this weathering period is often forgotten or simply not explained by the contractor when laid. It’s then that the following year you’re left wondering why your new deck has gone green/stained or generally not looking as it did.

If you haven’t treated your new decking yet, be sure to do so or book us to do it for you.

Due to the variable nature of the work involved, we’d be happy to arrange a meeting to discuss your  requirements and produce a quote for you. Just call 07799821843or email

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