If you’ve ever tried to clean your patio yourself with an electric pressure washer, you’ll know how hard and time consuming it can be.

If you’ve come to this page because you’re not happy with the results then we are confident we can restore your patio to a condition you are happy with.

Often, household pressure washers fed by garden hoses just don’t have enough power to lift heavy, ingrained dirt or the patio’s worse enemy – black lichen.

Our powerful, petrol powered, tank fed pressure washers make light work of the toughest patio grime and we can also treat stubborn lichen to leave your patio looking like new.

Prices for patio pressure washing start at £40 and the following price grid is applied. The prices below are based on a patio with sound jointing/surface area and within 30 miles of Salisbury.

Cleaning patios, flag stones, concrete, natural stone etc

Up to 60m2 £2.25 per m2
More than 60m2 £1.75 per m2

Every effort is made to not disturb the mortar in the joints. Sometimes, if the mortar is badly cracked, frost damaged or powdery it might be necessary to refill the joints with a new compound. We prefer to use a polymer sand which brushes into the cracks and will set hard within 24 hours. These polymer sands form tough, elastic joints and help to reduce weed growth. Prices for re-sanding a patio can be discussed once the condition of the joints has been established.

We are happy to quote for a specific job and all we need are measurements of the area and a picture emailed to us. Alternatively, we would be happy to arrange a visit to your home or business to take a look ourselves before providing you with a custom itemised quote. To discuss your requirements, just call 07799821843 or email

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